About Rising Rainmakers


Rising Rainmakers is a unique program for accountants, attorneys, consultants, entrepreneurs and small business owners sharing one or more common circumstances:

  • Wanting to establish themselves in a highly competitive market.
  • Desiring, or being asked to assume a business development, in addition to a client servicing role.
  • Eager to ascend to an optimized level of success.

2) GOAL:

The program is structured to convert participants from average achievers into master rainmakers by providing the following:

  • An expanded network of centers-of-influence essential to accelerating business growth.
  • The ability to generate high quality new business for their organizations, as effective rainmakers.


Rising Rainmakers is comprised of several elements:

A) “Rainmaking Made Easy” Professional Development Program

  • “Personal Reality Check”: A personal review of career/business development tactics and lifestyle habits. The object is to identify issues that may detract from optimized success. Findings are reviewed with a professional coach, and recommendations for changes are provided.
  • Individual attention: Personal, one-on-one coaching and mentoring with an expert rainmaker development professional. These are typically an initial sixty-minute session, followed by a series of thirty-minute intensive sessions every other month.
  • Rainmaker Mastery Program:A combination of live and on-line rainmaking skills development programs. These generally are conducted during an average of ninety minutes every other month. The programs are reinforced by a series of workbooks and ancillary materials. The curriculum is extensive, and requires a full year to complete all elements.
  • Networking: Opportunities to collaborate with other participants and centers-of-influence, providing an opportunity to significantly upgrade contact bases. This includes a “buddy” system, pairing participants to reinforce their individual progress.

The program is structured as a one-year format, and participants may opt for six-month blocks instead. After the first year, participants have other options:

  • Continue with one-on-one coaching.
  • Repeat the Rainmaker Mastery Program in whole or in part.
  • Graduate to participate with very seasoned professionals as our client, allowing us to become a client development implementer.


An average of two to three hours per month, including meetings and preparation.

5) FEES:

Fees per participant are $600.00 for a six-month program and $1,000.00 for a twelve-month program.

Rainmaker Mastery Program Course Content

  1. The Success Programming & Modeling Process: You are introduced to age-old and state-of-the-art concepts that enable you to model the thinking, habits and action patterns of highly successful people in your field. You are also provided exercises, which help you create a “success mindset”.
  2. “Pitch Perfect”: Most highly successful rainmakers have developed a successful “personal brand”. This is a unified presentation of strengths and abilities in a way that separates you from your competition. When you are unique, you are remembered. You are guided through a process to create a “14-Second Sound Bite” that makes you memorable. Also, a positioning statement that sets forth your individuality and “referral triggers”, so that people know when to make referrals to you.
  3. The Seven Proven Strategies to Generate Client Prospects: How do you actually develop a high quality client list? Of course, networking is a key component. But there are other tactics that are equally effective. You will learn to use the ones utilized by top rainmakers in many fields.
  4. The Art of Networking: Successful rainmakers have developed marketing, resource-sharing and “Brain Trust” networks composed of friends, strategic alliance partners and centers of influence who value their personal brand and wish to help them succeed. You will learn that “deep”, rather than “wide”, networks are most effective, and how to create one. The core message: Powerful networks result from a habit of providing added value to others without expectation of a quid pro quo.
  5. Developing Referrals from Clients and Centers of Influence: Alliances with professionals and other community leaders are the key to a successful career as a rainmaker. This is because they hold the keys to the client vaults. Through a few well-placed phrases, they can transfer their credibility to you. Of course, this makes your job as a rainmaker much easier. You are taught how to recognize who the bona fide referral sources really are (looks can be very deceiving), how to approach them, gain their trust and create a continuing stream of referrals.
  6. The Science of Successful Prospect Closing: The ability to present your services and ideas to others in an influential manner, and influence them in a positive way, is critical to your success as a rainmaker. During this session, you are taught the basics of the sales and presentation process using a six-step format. Establishing rapport, uncovering prospects’ pain motivators and communicating with their sub-conscious using Neurolinguistic Programming principles are examples of the course content.
  7. Developing Your Public Persona: People that receive media attention, speak in public and know how to utilize social media effectively are generally the most successful people in their field. You learn to become a successful public figure, manage the media and become well-known. You also learn how to be an effective public speaker. (2 parts)
  8. Energy Management: Critical to rainmaking success, you are exposed to state-of-the-art concepts about “energy waves” and how to match tasks to high-low points within the cycles. In addition, you are taught how to multi-task effectively, and apply technology to manage them better. You will also develop your own marketing time budget.
  9. Motivation Mastery: You become skilled at motivating yourself and others by mastering key elements of Neurolinguistic Programming: The science of how language impacts the central nervous system and causes us to react in predetermined ways. This is the science of the “hard-wiring” of the brain, and how it affects performance, decision-making and success. Learning the “code” makes you a much better motivator.
  10. Your Personal Flight Plan: An optimized balance between career and personal lives is essential to achieving true success. Using a programmed system, you are guided to the realization of this balanced life with state-of-the-art tactics followed by top leaders. (2 parts)

About the Program Developer

Bruce D. Stout is a former practicing CPA and financial manager for film, TV and music production companies and personalities. Bruce also built several companies that he founded, and he has advised entrepreneurs and closely-held business owners for many years. He founded The Rainmakers’ Forum over twenty years ago, mobilizing a cadre of professionals and consultants to address the diverse challenges of the global business community.

Bruce Stout

Career Experience

Bruce began his career at Price Waterhouse & Co., eventually becoming a senior partner of a mid-sized accounting firm. He has an extensive international tax and finance background, and was a lecturer for various organizations, addressing international tax shelter strategies and treaties between nations. His international experience eventually led him to advising known entertainers, living in various countries. This ultimately led to Bruce, establishing a CPA/business management firm with offices in Beverly Hills and Manhattan. He spent several years as the CEO of a California based entertainment company, producing various programs, including an exercise video starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. Bruce is the author of numerous marketing and strategic planning books/courses. He was a spokesperson for First Transamerica Life Insurance Company, among many others, teaching accountants, attorneys, business owners and financial services professionals how to be more effective client developers.

SCORE Mentor

In addition to his other responsibilities, Bruce is a volunteer mentor for early stage and growing businesses as a SCORE mentor, affiliated with the SBA.

Private Advisor

Executive consultant, helping professionals, private business owners and their firms optimize profitability and growth. His knowledge was expanded as he formed and built various businesses in the technology, professional services and entertainment sectors.


Developed many courses and authored books/training materials for professionals in varied fields.


Bruce hosted the “Preferred Lifestyles” talk show in Los Angeles. Appearances on CNN, CNBC and many other local and national outlets.

Current and Past Affiliations

AICPA, NYSCPA, NYSSCPA, CSPA, American Management Association, IAFP, Advisor to Machinery Export Management Association, World, Trade Institute

Served on Boards

National Association for Ileitis & Colitis, Aids Foundation, Sickle Cell Anemia Association and approximately twenty corporate and banking boards

Other Interests

Once jumped from an airplane (“Never again!”), Musician, Experienced SCUBA diver and Pilot