Sudden Wealth

The Rainmakers’ Forum

New Client Development as a Members of the Sudden Wealth Council

This is an initiative conceived of, and managed by The Rainmakers’ Forum. It focuses upon two effective ways of generating new clients for you:

  1. Arranging for you to appear as an expert in periodic panel presentations to targeted referral sources and client prospects. We plan these quarterly.
  2. Arranging for you to meet with prospective clients in group sessions with other Council members to offer initial feedback and advice to them. You will subsequently follow up with the prospects to convert them into clients.

As an added bonus, Council members also have an opportunity to collaborate with each other, sharing resources and cross-referring prospects to each other. Here are the key elements:

1) Targeted clients for Rainmakers participants:

People acquiring sudden wealth from – Divorce, entertainment or sports contract, inheritance, law suit award, lottery winnings, sale of a business, etc.

2) Methods of placing Council members before client prospects:

  • Wealth Management Mentoring Sessions: Live or on-line confidential group meetings to meet with prospective clients, providing them with initial advice and feedback. This is an excellent way to connect with and engage new clients.
  • The Money Course: Quarterly on-line or live meetings with referral sources and prospective clients. Purpose – To educate attendees about various topics relating to wealth stewardship.

3) Time requirements for Council members:

A) Two hours each quarter to be a presenter in The Money Course.

B) Two – three hours per month, meeting with prospective clients in Wealth Management Mentoring Sessions.

Total: Between 32 and 44 hours per year.

4) Rainmakers accepted on Council:

Professionals and business leaders with experience advising affluent families.