Rainmakers’ Global Forum

Rainmakers’ Global Forum

Executive Summary


To help members create new business locally, regionally and globally and gain access to worldwide connections and resources.


Accountants, attorneys and consultants: Both individuals and representatives of firms.


Membership offers a wide variety of activities to realize business growth.

  • Promotional interviews in our annual video book, Global Business Evolution Summit: Rather than typical summits that are scheduled for set calendar dates, the Global Business Evolution Summit has a scheduled release date of a series of educational videos. This has an added advantage: presenters can schedule times to be recorded at their convenience rather than be available at a specific date and time.
  • Inclusion in Global Business Connect: Purposes: A) To connect providers (professionals, consultants and other products/services providers) to resources around the globe. B) To connect users (families and companies) to resources and educate them.
  • Monthly meetings, including featured speakers and breakout sessions to create trusted relationships.
  • Participation in alliances with other members to identify cross-referred client prospects.
  • Opportunities to be promoted in a video newsletter and special video reports about topics important to client prospects.
  • Inclusion in social media marketing campaigns, targeted to client prospects of members.

Individual members and representatives of member firms are also interviewed for, and included in our Subject Matter Experts Agency YouTube channel.