Vanguard Pro

Introducing the “Vanguard Pro” Solution
To Optimize Career Success for Professionals and Executives

Executive Summary

Not a business network. Not a “group to check out”. Instead, a multi-faceted business and career development service to realize complete success. Savvy top talent in the entertainment field employ personal managers to guide their careers and open the right doors. Why isn’t that option available to professionals and executives? Actually, it is: Our Vanguard Pro service. Vanguard Pro users are clients: not network members. Some Vanguard Pro users engage us to strategize and guide new client development. Others are more interested in our business advisory and ultimate business/career monetization strategies. We work individually with each Vanguard Pro client to develop individualized career and wealth optimization solutions.


The program is best suited to individuals interested in optimizing success, but challenged. Our clients generally fall within one or more of these categories;

  • Exhibit great potential, but are “stuck in the pack” and don’t know how to break out.
  • Have a disappointing ROI of income as a function of time invested in a career.
  • Watch others succeed wildly and wonder how this occurs.
  • Are exhausted “networking nomads”.


Acting as your advisor/coach/implementer, we focus on one mission: To help you optimize career success and realize desired levels of wealth and independence.


While each client is unique and requires specialized services, following are examples of our approach:

  • Confidential career development strategic planning: Experts employ a proprietary SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses,Opportunities and Threats) as the starting point and use the data to develop a comprehensive personal career management plan.
  • Referral generation through “Barter Marketing Campaigns”: We manage a proprietary system for securing prospects from trusted advisors.
  • Conception and production of video marketing programs: We produce both single marketing/education, and ongoing “talk-show” formats featuring our clients: The video marketing wave is already upon us. Statistics are startling.
  • Placement on boards: We position our clients as advisory members of targeted boards designed to increase visibility and generate more referrals.
  • Managed marketing joint ventures: We identify, and then facilitate the development of cross-referring relationships.
  • Event marketing campaigns: We produce and promote panel presentations, featuring Vanguard Pro clients to targeted prospects and centers-of-influence that are potential referral sources.
  • Services expansion programs: We use diagnostic tools to identify and market additional products and services Vanguard Pro clients can offer.
  • “Rising Rainmakers”: We conduct a comprehensive professional development program for Vanguard Pro clients that want to hone their skills and rising stars that work for them.
  • M & A Services: We engineer opportunities for Vanguard Pro clients to acquire businesses or merge with others.
  • Succession planning: We design and implement plans to help Vanguard Pro clients “move on” when ready.


Customized fee arrangements are set for each Vanguard Pro clients, based upon the comprehensive SWOT analysis. We charge fixed fee monthly retainers, which are calculated based upon the scope of services provided. In select circumstances, we charge hourly fees based upon fixed rates at that time.