About the Subject Matter Experts Agency

Promoting our experts and connecting them to client prospects

Professionals, consultants, financial services pros, realtors, tech pros and others in many fields are facing difficult challenges: Intense competition. Rapidly changing technology. Novel marketing tactics. Written marketing text giving way to the demand for video. And trust on all levels has eroded dramatically. Add to the equation: individuals and small to mid-sized organizations usually have limited business development time and budgets. Leaders recognize these challenges but are hard pressed to meet them. Now there is an affordable solution: The Subject Matter Experts Agency.

Connecting You to Prospects

These are generated through a variety of sources:

  • Accountants and attorneys that create a strategic alliance with you.
  • Other Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).
  • Social media video marketing campaigns
  • Clients that our SMEs have serviced.

  • Attendees at panels that we produce.
  • Trusted advisors and centers-of-influence that are aware of the expertise of our SMEs.
  • Viewers of Internet TV programs, video newsletters and special video reports.

Promoting you as an Expert

We elevate you above your competition in a variety of ways:

  • Identifying a unique “hook” and reinforcing it as part of your brand.
  • Coaching you to be on the speaking circuit.
  • Highlighting you in panels, on Internet TV shows and in special video reports.

  • Promoting you through video newsletters.
  • Networking you with other SMEs.
  • Including you as an SME in confidential group consults for prospects (see below).

Confidential Group Consults for Prospects

— Prospect development tactic

Our SMEs offer confidential, complimentary initial group consultations to families and companies facing specific challenges. The goals: To provide advice and counsel while convincing the families and companies that our SMEs should be the service providers going forward. After the consult, SMEs are free to approach the families and companies to offer their services.

Branding you as a Subject Matter Expert in Niche Markets

You are invited to attend the confidential group consults as a participant in one or more of our client servicing groups. Examples:

  1. Affluent Families in Transition Trusted Advisor Council: Services affluent individuals or families acquiring sudden wealth, changing in size, with ill or disabled loved ones, or locating to another part of the region or country.
  2. Cross-Border Business Advisors: Services companies entering the USA from outside the US or from one US region to another.
  3. GrowthCap Advisors: Advises companies seeking debt or equity financing and connects them to sources when appropriate.
  4. New York Divorce Advisors: Services families planning, in the midst of or recovering from a divorce.
  5. Closelyheld Business Advisors: Helps non-public companies grow and prosper.

Agency Fees

Representation fees are affordable to even an individual or small firm. They ae based upon the level and scope of services.

View examples of videos promoting our subject matter experts.