Global Business Connect

A Video Education & Resources Guide

How the Directory is Used:

  1. To connect providers (professionals, consultants and other products/services providers) to resources around the globe.
  2. To connect users (families and companies) to resources and educate them.


Video interviews, by professional interviewers, of the providers. The goals: To educate users about topics important to them and to promote the providers so that new clients are engaged for them.

Examples of topic categories: Banking, compliance, culture, finance, law, marketing real estate and taxes.

Promoting Global Business Connect

Providers and users will be aware of the resource through a variety of ways:

  • Social media marketing campaigns.
  • Providers promoting the resource.

  • Users that benefitted from it.
  • Mention in video newsletters and special video reports.

Rainmakers’ Club: Listed providers are included in our business network. See the separate description.