Professional Practice-Building

Helping Dissatisfied Professionals in all Fields with Limited Budgets Optimize Earnings and Gain Professional Fulfillment

The New Reality

These are challenging times. Too many people are working harder for stagnant or lowering “real” income and there is a prevailing sense of dissatisfaction for many. Additionally, professionals, consultants, financial services pros, realtors, tech pros and others in many fields are facing difficult challenges: Intense competition. Rapidly changing technology. Novel marketing tactics. Written marketing text giving way to the demand for video. And trust on all levels has eroded dramatically. We offer an affordable solution to address these challenges.


Clients engage us because they are not satisfied with their current circumstances.

  • They are either struggling for a variety of reasons.
  • Or they are succeeding but their ambition is driving them harder and they do not know how to advance to the next level.


First, we use a Marketing MRI or Organizational MRI to uncover the weaknesses in policies, procedures and marketing communications contributing to disappointing revenue and profitability. This is a diagnostic approach that we developed over twenty years. Based upon our findings, we create a plan to eliminate weaknesses. Then, we move on through our process…

Reinvention =

Rebranding to rise above the competition and step away from the “Commoditization Trap”.

Realignment =

Identifying prospects and referral sources in novel and highly effective ways.

Strategy =

Creating a practice development plan to attract the targeted prospects.

Moving to the next level =

Connecting our clients directly with prospects by enrolling them into our Subject Matter Experts Agency.

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Our Clients

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